How to Design Navigation Bar and Significance of Drop-Down Menu?

Navigation bar trend is horizontal rather than vertical. It is because of the design and content restraints of the latter. You will get many horizontal navigation styles amongst which a few offer certain usability advantages, while remaining are aesthetically better.

Recognizable terms

When you make a website, remember the first thing that the user will concentrate on is navigation bar. So, it is necessary to design that element to help users with their task. Certain sections like ‘About Us’, ‘Products’, Services’, and ‘Contact’ are always expected.

If these recognizable terms are not found instantly then it frustrates the user and they leave. Therefore, avoid a design or content, which can slow them down, so ensure to offer a positive experience.

Get to know the primary & secondary sections

Primary links like ‘About Us’ or ‘Services’ need to be distinguishable from Secondary section links that are generally accessible form each web page as well as located near primary links.

Action links must be put on right side

For an ecommerce site or website with shopping cart, login, user registration features need to position this action links on navigation bar’s right side.

Include search box

Other usability feature is including search box on right side of the main navigation bar. Users are familiar with seeing action links and search box on web pages right side, so make sure to position it accordingly.

Drop down menus

In modern design, drop down menus in main horizontal bars are prevalent because cluttered layout gets simplified. A simple triangle pointing downward will visually reveal, whether the navigation link includes drop down menu or not.

Why is drop down menu necessary?

Drop down menu are essential for –

  • Clean design layout
  • Clear website navigation
  • Users can check everything you have to offer
  • Users stay longer, which is great for your business

Poor navigation will kill the experience and visitors will leave to go elsewhere. The pull-down menu drops a list of links and when a specific link gets clicked the visitors is directed to the web page they desire to go to.

Drop down menu can be categorized to make stuff or content easily accessible. Important items on that list menu can be placed ‘Above the Fold’, so that viewers can see it on their screen as soon as they arrive. They don’t need to scroll downwards.

Content not above is buried ‘Below the Fold’, generally in the sidebars. Ads or links positioned BTF are not visible instantly, so less likely gets a click through than images or text placed ATF.

Drop down menu offers your website a clutter free, clean, and professional look!

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