What Causes A Site To Lose All Its Rankings Overnight?

Do you have a website that was getting a lot of views from Google in the past but suddenly it has lost all or a considerable amount of traffic suddenly? If yes, then there are chances of Google penalizing your site and removing it from search results. Unless you get to the root of what causes a drop in site ranking on Google? you cannot fix the problem. So, get rid of all the negative thoughts crossing your mind and check for all the possible reasons that might have resulted into a penalty.

Usually when Google updates its algorithms in a major way every few months, many sites lose their rankings. It happens because they might have built some unnatural links and got caught by Google red-handed. If yours is one such case, then immediately login to your search console account and see which all links are pointing back to your website. Start cleaning your link profile by disavowing all the unnatural or unrelated links. You might have to remove just a few links or hundreds together depending on the link profile. Do this, and soon your rankings will become stable again.

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